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Nubuck Cleaner

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Specific detergent for nubuck and suede leather - 250ml

Water-based Nubuck Cleaner for an effective and delicate cleansing effect for suede or nubuck leather. Works on most common types of stains that accumulate during use. Combined with the detergents are emotion modifiers to enhance the touch of this luxurious leather.

NOTE: Apply Nubuck Cleaner to a hidden area. If leather darkens after drying or if you experience discoloration or if you are not satisfied with the result, discontinue use.

First, try to expose as much stain as possible using an absorbent, lint-free cloth. Install the foam on the bottle. Apply Nubuck Cleaner to a sponge. Gently rub the foam in the nubuck with the sponge to obtain the cleaning effect. Let the nubuck dry naturally or use a hair dryer. When completely dry, lightly brush with the reviving sponge to renew the softness and color. After cleaning, renew the protection using the Ecoguard Nubuck Protector.