Mobile Pay service

Used by more than 3 millions of Danes

MobilePay is the most widely used mobile payment solution in Denmark. More than three million Danes have downloaded the app and used it to transfer money to each other and for payment in stores.
MobilePay is much more than a quick and effective tool for payment between individuals.
MobilePay is today a payment solution that can be used in thousands of physical stores, online stores and in apps. As something new, you can now pay your bills with MobilePay.
MobilePay can be used by anyone, no matter what bank you are a customer at.



automatically MobilePay: To pay via automatic MobilePay, select QuickPay payment.


- You can also pay with MobilePay in another way: In each product there is an image with qr code for MobilePay. Kequal on the image-link or scan QR code to pay.



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