Foam cushions in your goals

Foam cushions in your goals
We can make new high quality cold foam cushions, exactly according to your goals. 
Vi kan lave hynder i mange forskellige størrelser og faconer also for business.
New cushions with Bonell springs
We can make new cushions with springs. The main advantage of them is long life, high comfort and a good air circulation inside the cushions. Bonell springs are a solid and long-lasting solution.
Vi kan lave hynder i mange forskellige størrelser 
also for business.
Cover for pillow / pillow
Ønsker du betræk til hynden/puden ? Du kan vælge møbelstof from our store or skriv til os hvilket stof ønsker du. 
We can send a free sample of most of our materials. Would you like free samples ? Skriv til os hvilke prøver vil du gerne have og vi sender de prøver gratis.

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