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Jørgen Bækmark for FDB, totally renovated high-backed armchair, 70s, furniture wool, oak

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Jørgen Bækmark for FDB. Totally renovated high back armchair. Quality green-blue furniture wool fabric. Brand new upholstery and seat cushion. Untreated oak. Original elastic strap. Manufactured by a Danish furniture manufacturer for approx. 1970. Renovated at Retro Møbler Gallery by professional upholsterer, craftsman.


- Type: armchair

- Producer: Danish furniture manufacturer - FDB

- Designed by: Jorgen Baekmark

- Production date: ca.1970

- Model: 

- Condition: totally renovated

- Upholstery: new padding 

- Furniture fabric: upholstery wool fabric

- Color: green-blue

- Legs: utreated oak

- Goal: H 111cm, W 69cm, D 79cm, RH 76cm, SB 55cm, SD 47cm, SH 44cm


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Jorgen Baekmark came to FDB's furniture office in 1958 and sat there until 1967. 
He is thus the one who managed to sit with the overall responsibility for the design studio for the longest time.

Like his predecessors, Jørgen Bækmark was originally trained as a cabinetmaker. 
Subsequently, he supplemented with educations from the School of Crafts and the Academy of Fine Arts' Furniture School.

Jørgen Bækmark was head of FDB's furniture office at a time of increased competition. 
The market's other manufacturers and stores had seen the potential in the modern lightweight style, and the growing young middle class had become a swarming customer group.

However, Jørgen Bækmark still managed to design chairs for FDB, which became great sales successes and are still considered classics.

Therefore, they naturally wanted these chairs to be among when FDB Møbler was relaunched, and since Jørgen Bækmark as the only one of the former managers of FDB's Møbelkontor is still alive, he could process his old designs himself, so that the chairs are adapted to modern dimensions and dimensions.

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Retro, design, classic furniture is our passion and work. We are craftsmen and we restore and repair furniture ourselves with great respect and love for the original craft.
We find old, retro, vintage furniture and give them new "live" at our workshop in West Jutland close to the North Sea. We use traditional techniques to give furniture its very own soul and character.

H - height (H - height)

D - depth (D - depth)

RH - back height (bra - back height)

SH - seat height (SH - seat height)

B - width (W - width)

SD - seat depth (SD - seat depth)

SB - seat width (SW - seat width)