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Danish design by Alfred Christensen, 60s, armchairs, velor, totally renovated

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A pair of Danish armchairs designed by Alfred Christensen - model 32. Made by Slagelse Møbrlværk for approx. 1960. Completely renovated in yellow velor. Brand new padding with natural coconut mat. Beech stained with teak color.

Price / 2 pcs

- Type: armchair

- Producer: Danish furniture manufacturer - Slagelse Furniture Works

- Designed by: Alfred Christensen

- Production date: ca.1960

- Model: model 32

- Condition: totally renovated

- Upholstery: brand new padding

- Furniture fabric: velordust

- Color: rose

- Tree Black: bøgtræ

- Ben: bøgtræ

- Goal: H 99cm, W 63cm, D 70cm, SH 44cm, SB 50cm, SD 50cm

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