To order

Is there any particular design chair or sofa you would like? We can help you find one and possibly reupholster and renovate it.
Foam cushions in your goals
We can make new high quality cold foam cushions, exactly according to your goals. Do you want a cover for the cushion / pillow? We can make cushions in many different sizes and shapes.
New pillows with Bonell springs
We can make new cushions with springs. The main advantage of them is long life, high comfort and a good air circulation inside the cushions. Bonell springs are a solid and long-lasting solution.
We can make cushions in many different sizes.
Want to be original and unique?
Do you dream of designing your own armchair? Maybe we can help you with that. Contact us, write what you think, send some drawings.
Describe your project, add a simple drawing. You can also add a photo. 

If you want to attach a photo to your message you can use sms, WhatsApp, email, messenger on the left or the form below.

If you need help, just write to us. We are always ready to help and advise you.