Lilian Ostenfeldt Grønlund


Lilian Ostenfeldt Grønlund - LOG

Born 1962, resident in Ulfborg

Lilian grew up in the countryside, worked as a seamstress, seamstress, self-employed in the restaurant business, Montrice at Scanspæk, and trained as a beautician, hairdresser, and mink fit.

Lilian spends much of her free time painting as it gives me peace and a wonderful way to express all the beautiful and brutal life. Lilian's color choice is and is used as a symbol to create the emotions and thoughts she wants to express throughout this time, and that limitations can be changed to possibilities and actions.

Lilian is very experimental and paints many different styles, she also does beach art.

Lilian can be contacted at 28900718

You can see Lilian's exhibition at Skaven Danmark, Østerbyvej 16, Vostrup, 6880 Tarm.

See you :-)