Leather and fabric care

 We use most technologically advanced products for care, tanning and repair of skin and textiles for: cleaning industry, automotive industry, furniture industry, leather and fabric industries, aircraft interiors (certified means). Our products allow you to expand professional service. We offer sales and courses for business customers and individuals. 
    Fenice's products guarantee the same quality as newly manufactured leather. These are the same products used in the leather industry. This ensures that the good properties of the products meet the strict quality requirements.
    Skaven Denmark is the main representative of the company Fenice Care System SpA in Denmark.
A complete service for rejuvenating and improving your living room, car and other leather / fabric items.   
- cleaning 
- removal of nested spots
- repair of damage
- protection
    We are always ready to help you by giving advice on how to maintain your furniture, car etc. in the best possible way.