Interior care service

 A complete service for rejuvenating and improving your living room, car and other leather / fabric items. The following exclusive services are provided by Skaven Denmark:
standard or tailor-made services, including partial or complete management of after-sales service
- a protection plan against stains and accidental damage
- repairs to structural or transport damage
The following services are provided by Skaven: 
- cleaning 
- removal of nested spots
- repair of damage
- protection
Fenice engineers have compiled technical data sheets to enable you to follow the best procedures for cleaning, repairing, repeating and rebuilding cars such as steering wheel and leather or plastic seats.
Fenice products allow you to provide your customers with the same technology as used for vehicle production, ensuring your customers high-quality products and excellent results.
    The products that Fenice has dedicated to the care of leather car interiors are in accordance with the specifications approved by all car manufacturers.
   We are always ready to help you by giving advice on how to maintain your furniture, car etc. in the best possible way.