"Bamsetol" has female form and the original neck pillow is Marilyn Monroe chest ...

We are very happy because Svend Skipper visited us today. It's a great experience for us. The master looked at our projects i.a. two renovated "Teddy Bear Chairs" and a new "little Teddy Bear Brother". We are really grateful for the valuable advice. We received a small, but very valuable, gift from Svend. We got a lot of positive energy from Svend for further work. We are really grateful for that. 

"Bamsetol" has a female shape and the original neck pillow is Marilyn Monroe chest " said Svend. These two comparisons are very important to us. They give us "mental tools" for the next "Teddy bear" renovation and other projects.

The project sees the light of day thanks to valuable advice and opinions from Svend. It is a huge significance for us: what does the Master say. 

Thank you for visiting Svend and Steen.



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