Visiting Svend Skipper

We were so lucky to be visiting Svend Skipper - "Timber Chairs" designer. It was a great experience for us to meet with "Teddy Bear Father". This meeting was a great inspiration for us to continue working on design and new projects. Svend told the story of the "Teddy Chair" and showed us his drawings. We saw where they were in the process of producing "Baby Chair". It was very exciting to see Svend's former workplace. We always dreamed of meeting Svend.

Svend is a nice, sympathetic and full of energy man with great knowledge and experience. Svend is a huge inspiration for us. We are very grateful for valuable tips and advice.

Now we know which "Baby chair" is original 😀 Now we know what to pay attention to.

Many thanks to Svend and Steen :-)

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